Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineers help to create an improved and more industrious society. This report explains exactly what an Industrial Engineer does, how and where they would find a job doing such, how much the average Industrial Engineer is annually paid, and what education is required to qualify for success in that career field. An interview with a Dr. Don Malzahn from the Wichita State University (WSU) Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IMfgE) department is included to better illustrate the profession of Industrial Engineering, which helps to improve our day to day industrial productivity. Without this field our world would be drastically set back and lives would be severely inconvenienced.

Table of Contents
Title PagePage 1
AbstractPage 2
Table of ContentsPage 3
Field DescriptionPage 4
WSU Industrial Engineering ProgramPage 5
Four Year PlanPage 6-7
Freshman Year Courses & DescriptionsPages 8-10
College of Engineering RequirementsPage 11
Transferable CreditsPage 12
Tuition and Costs for Freshman YearPage 12
Admission Requirements to WSUPage 12
High School RequirementsPage 13
Interview with Dr. Don MalzahnPages 14-17
SummaryPage 18
BibliographyPage 19

Field Description
Industrial Engineers apply scientific knowledge to solve specific problems in manufacturing and other industries, businesses, and institutions, focusing on productivity improvement through better use of human resources, financial resources, natural resources and man-made structures and equipment. Industrial Engineers apply a full range of analytical, simulation, and experimentation tools that are applied to problems in designing, planning, implementing, and operating systems. These problems are found in a wide variety of service organizations, project-based firms, and product-based firms. Areas of Specialization/Duties and Responsibilities

Industrial Engineering is a very broad discipline and they have to be or become competent in a wide variety of areas. They have to figure out what they need to know and they have to find a way to learn it. This is different than most engineers, who get deeper and deeper into one specific area. Industrial Engineers’ value to the organization increases as they become competent in more areas. The main focus of Industrial Engineering is systems integration and improvement. Government economists expect jobs for Industrial Engineers to grow as fast as the average for all occupations through 2014.

Expected Salary Ranges
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average yearly pay of Industrial Engineers in the year of 2006 as $70,630 pay. A 2005 survey by the National American College of Engineering listed salary offers for Industrial Engineering students about to graduate: Bachelor’s degree candidates average $49,567 pay, Master’s degree candidates averaged $56,561 pay, and PhD degree candidates averaged $85,000 pay.

The Industrial Engineering Program at WSU
The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering department at WSU takes responsibility for instruction and research in design, analysis and operation of manufacturing and other integrated systems of people, material, equipment and capital. The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department offers curricula and educational experience designed and continuously improved through the involvement and contribution of its constituents: students and alumni, potential employers of program graduates, and faculty. The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering department offers two undergraduate degree programs; one in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) and another in manufacturing engineering (BSMgE). Both programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Modern, well-equipped laboratories are available to supplement classroom theory in ergonomics, manufacturing engineering, and computer analysis. The Industrial and Manufacturing...

Bibliography: 2. Malzahn, Dr. Don. 2007 September 12. Careers in Industrial Engineering.
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