inductive effect

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Outlines steps: Formulate idea into topic sentences
Identify the major details to explain the topic sentence: Roman numerals for the first level of ideas
Identify the minor supporting details under each major detail; use capital letters for the second level of ideas if more details are to be included, use Arabic numerals for the third level and small letters for the fourth level of ideas EXAMPLE
Topic Sentence
I. First major supporting detail A. First minor ssupporting detail B. Second minor supporting detail
II. Second major supporting details A. First minor supporting details B. Second minor supporting details
III. Concluding statement
A summary is a shortened version of another person's text explanation, argument or narrative in your own words. -writing summary requires good reading skills *sorting out main ideas from details *Vocabulary skills w/c include indentifying general terms *knowledge of paragraph stucture
1. Be Accurate -should accurately describe the main points -Using critical reading technique will help ensure that you clearly comprehend the meaning of the written work -Pay close attention to the precise meaning of words -Do not inroduce any idea that is not expressed in the original text
2. Be Objective -Must be careful to report the ideas of the source by NOT injecting your opinion -Attitude whether positive or negative should not be readily visible to your reader
3. Focus on the main idea
A summary should not focus on specifics. rather it focuses on the main idea of the source material only.
4. Be consise -Students commit mistakes when they include all the details from the original idea -Avoid including the evidence, examples or descriptive details of the author. -brief to the point.
5. Cite your source Cite oyur source even if you do not use direct quotation from the source.
Using references
What is referencing?
Referencing is a way of

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