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Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, IPhone Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: January 23, 2013
What approach would you take to identify the activities needed to complete the work package? A work package is a portion of the WBS that allows project management to define the steps necessary for completing the project. (Ultimate Resource for PM) In my opinion, the activities should be divided into different levels. We should try to pick the most important activities and try to avoid the less-important ones. Put the feasible activities on the list and delete the impractical ones. How would you know that you have identified the right level of detail? To identify the right level of the details, we have to start from the first level. The first level should be a general idea of the activities and the main steps. The second level is the expansion of the first level. So is the third level. Form the top-down structure, the top level is always the conclusion and the basic level is the details. How would you prevent identifying ‘too much’ detail or too many activities that would it very difficult for you to manage? By identifying the details, we should try to take the details that build up the structure and work for the project. It should be a blueprint for the project manager to identify the activities clearly. So we should just keep the main steps on the list and try to avoid the unnecessary activities. Can you give an example of a Work Package or something similar (it can be a real life example) where you decomposed the deliverable (what is needed) into the activities that are needed to complete the deliverable?  When I was in the former class, our team was to finish one project called developing new IPhone 5 market. So we tried to develop our WBS and the deliverables. Our team had thought of 3 main deliverables of producing, advertising and customer service. But we found out that actually, we needed to decompose the producing into producing, packing and transportation. Mailing new iPhone to different customers and stores is still a big activity we need to pay...
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