What Makes a Credible Paper?

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What Makes a Credible Paper?
When writing an essay, the person providing information can easily make a statement and fail to reference it’s credible source. There are steps that can be taken to ensure the information is cited correctly. This takes place with every type of paper that is written that provides facts or statements. A research paper can easily be frowned upon just because sources are not referenced, or they are not credible. Information will be provided how to write a paper and reference it’s sources correctly.

“Your research paper is collaboration between you and your sources” (Hacker, 448). There is a main connection to this phrase. What you read from a book works with what you are staying in your paper. You are providing credit to the original source, and at the same time you are rephrasing or supporting that statement in your own words. It’s very crucial that a source from a book & your own thoughts are separated because if it’s not credited correctly, it is considered plagiarism When paraphrasing from a source, you are rephrasing and providing a review of the original statement, in almost the same amount of words at the original statement. For example, if the original source says “The housing market is starting to improve with the amount of unemployed people going down. It is down to 10% though out the country and the lower the unemployment, the better the odds are that the housing market is improving”. An example of that statement being paraphrased would be the following. “Latest numbers indicate the housing market is improving as the economy improves”. It gets straight to the point and takes the main facts from the original source. Summarizing a source is almost like paraphrasing. You are taking in information from a credible source, then narrowing it down to shorter words. Main facts from the original sources are provided. “A summary condenses information, perhaps reducing a chapter to a short paragraph or a paragraph to a single sentence”...

Cited: Hacker, Diana, Nancy I. Sommers, Thomas Robert. Jehn, Jane Rosenzweig, and Van Horn, Marcy. Carbajal. A Writer 's Reference. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2007. Print.
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