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Brand Identity Prism: Burberry

According to Jean-Noel Kapferer, there are six aspects of the brand identity:
1) Brand Physique
2) Brand Personality
3) Brand Culture
4) Brand Relationship
5) Brand Reflection, and
6) Brand’s Self image
The picture of the receiver, when it is well presented the brand has the ability to visualise as an Individual - which are mainly based on the Physique and Personality. Also, as stereotypical the consumer’s feedback about the brand’s personality reflects in the relationship and the reflection. This helps in identifying the brands identity among its customers. Here in our case with the brand identity of “Burberry” we can see that through with the promotional activities and the strategic progresses have helped the brand to reach its base customer’s minds efficiently. Though they do not hold any special slogans or any other intangible specificities. Their Brand Logo and the patented check design, which are maintained as the proud entities without any changes from their origin, are still been recognised by the customers.

With the innovations in marketing methods and the exploring the digital media, Burberry evolves in the minds of the customers and creating a significant role and identity through these operations.
But on comparing the Identity prism with that of their financial report for the year 2013-14, we can observe Burberry had a considerable increase in extending their product ranges, though a profitable growth in the business is performed there are some key areas that been left unseen from the Luxury Business perspective view. This is much evident from the reports on their business profit among the brand categories and product segmentations. Having Out fitting as their core product, they are yet to improve much more with the core business, and particularly among the customer segmentations, whereas the report shows their major revenues are generated from the accessories segment and with the overall revenue generation the

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