customer behavior

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Brand equity Pages: 4 (2011 words) Published: November 4, 2014
As the decision about brand meaning was grasped by consumers, this must imply that there are some variable factors between marketer and customer. So that this paper began to discuss these two situations follow by value and brand image. Finally, customer leaning will be analyzed to show why a customer can find the relevance, purpose and significance which even creator is not aware of. moreover, in order to prove the reliability of the article argument, this essay will investigate some academical literatures, which includes customer value, brand value, brand image and customers learning. Values

"Marketers do their best to imbue with positive, motivating values and associations" is true and in this part, two kinds of main value will be provided to prove this opinion, customer value will be primarily focused to show how it was satisfied by marketer and then, what is brand value? Finally, how the mutual influence between both of them will be displayed. Customer value

Firstly, due to continual social, economic and technological changes, Marketer should based on its targeted market to establish a marketing strategy, which means to satisfy targeted customer value in economic, functional and psychological. What customer value mean can be the overall assessment of the product’s utility of the consumer (Zeithaml, 1988), and the comparison between the Customer’s perceived benefits and Customer’s resources used. Customer value can be the critical to companies and was emphasized as perceived value by important research and theoretical development (Holbrook, 2002). As a result of this, marketer need to operate marketing research to collect useful data to segment market and Bucklin et al (2000) state a main function of marketing research to help marketer segment and then make an effective strategy. After this, establishing of marketing strategy need to consider of customer behavior about making decision.Zeithaml (1988) states the satisfaction degree of...
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