Individual Business Analysis Part I

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Academic Crib Sheet

Individual Business Analysis Part I

1. Write a paper no more than 2,200 words in which you assume the role of a mutual fund

manager deciding whether to invest in a specific company. You will conduct a business analysis

in the remaining weeks based on the company you select.

2. Select one company from the list: Apple

3. Conduct a SWOTT analysis for the organization you selected. Based on the information

you have gained from this analysis which parts of the SWOTT analysis are most relevant to your

decision of whether or not to invest in this company?

4. Identify the company’s internal and external stakeholders.

5. Describe their wants and needs.

6. Explain how the company is fulfilling those needs. If the company is not fulfilling those

explain why the stakeholders’ needs are not being met and what the company needs to do to ensure they are.

7. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

This SWOTT analysis has been conducted to better understand the company I am deciding to invest in. The company I have chosen is Apple. Through the vehicle of SWOTT analysis I plan to research the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends. I will derive the necessary information required to make the best decision for the fund and most importantly the investors. I will then determine the company’s internal and external stakeholders. I will render the wants and needs of these stakeholders and whether or not the stakeholders’ wants and needs are being met. If the stakeholders’ needs are not being met I will explain why and what the company should do to meet those wants and needs.

SWOTT Analysis Chart
|Internal |External | |Strengths |Opportunities | | | | |Product development |Loyal customer base | |Design and utility |Reputation for high quality products | |Marketing |Move into other areas that are not served well | |Brand name |Apple TV | |Weaknesses |Threats | | | | |Very proprietary and controlling |Big ideas are easy to copy | |Not shareholder-friendly |High priced products | |Dependent on global community |Google moving into apple’s TV space | | |Involved in several legal actions | |Trends |Trends | |iBoard |Economic downturn | |iMat |Customers looking for the next best thing...
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