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Surinam Airways

Demirah Boetius
International Tourism Management

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The history3
Products and/or services3
Mission and vision5
Stakeholders and environmental factors5
Legal form6

The history

In the 30’s there where already airway connections between Surinam and other countries. Surinam did not have their own airway except for the sports aircraft. In 1953 a private initiative came up with the idea to create an airway for Surinam. The original idea was to create a regular connection between the different Surinamese City’s. In 1955 the domestic activities were started. The line connection between Paramaribo and de small bauxite ore city Moengo, where they used sports aircraft, came about. On the 30th of August 1962 Surinam airways was officially founded. The Surinamese government were aware of the need to open up the interior and create a large number of landing sites. The SLM assisted by purchasing the Bell-47G helicopter, which were also used to irrigate the rice district at Wageningen and even across the borders, in Guyana. There were tried several scheduled flights to various places in Suriname, as well as different types of aircraft. After years of experience with the DHC Twin Otters, that were STOL (Short Take Off and Landing, these aircrafts were chosen. The International activities of SLM began in 1964, when a pool agreement was concluded between the KLM, ALM and SLM to jointly operate the route between Paramaribo and Curacao, with stops in Georgetown (Guyana) and Port of Spain (Trinidad). After ALM began to operate independently, KLM withdrew from the pool and ALM and SLM continued. Initially, the SLM was confined to cabin crew and the marketing activities in the two Guyana’s. After a while also pilots.

On the evening before the Surinamese Independence, in 1975 the SLM successfully negotiated to get the Mid-Atlantic route in its package. On the second of November in 1975 the SLM rose with a leased DC-8/63 aircraft from KLM, with SLM’s bright colors and full SLM crew. The Surinamese Airway proved to be able to stand on its own.

As a result of the expansion of the facilities regular cargo services could also be introduced between Curacao, Manaus, Miami, Panama and Paramaribo. During the 90’s the SLM expanded its routes again.

Products and/or services

Business class:
Lets you operate at tour back and call; enjoy comfort, tranquility and personal attention. In the Business Class service is also included: Dedicated check-in desk at departure
Business class lounge that offers privacy and comfort
Priority booking and getting your luggage upon arrival at tour destination Relax with a glass of champagne or beverage of your choice before takeoff, while you lounge in your comfortable chair knowing that everything is taken care of for you until you reach your destination. Economy class:

Experience the hospitality in the economy class. The airways cabin staff is dedicated to provide you, be friendly and give a cordial welcome; a feature of their culture and services. Charter services:

Surinam Airways has the ability to perform charter flights to various destinations on request.

Mission and vision

Mission: Surinam Airways is an innovative airline, which according to international standards, ensures a profitable manner for reliable transport, driven by inspired staff to continuous customer satisfaction. Vision: SLM wants to be the first choice of thee customer. They want to achieve this by offering a customizable route network. The Company aims to be An innovative, result-oriented organization where integrity, ‘empowered and loyal employees facilitate customers with the Surinamese hospitality.

Stakeholders and environmental factors

Suriname Airways has two stakeholders: Interline...
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