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Indian Life Insurance Advertisements: Need to Adress Core Benefit

By Chiragmalik Jan 10, 2011 360 Words
Life Insurance Advertisements: Need to Address Core Benefit

Chirag Malik
Apeejay School of Management, Dwarka, New Delhi


Purpose – Purpose of this paper is to study the Indian contemporary life insurance advertisements and address the issue of its core benefit i.e. death cover and shake the category from its reverie by some straight talk about the need of insurance. Design/methodology/approach – This is achieved by examining a sample of life insurance advertisements that have been aired before and after the liberalization of insurance sector. The advertisements are analyzed with reference to two areas of discussion; the use of rational and emotional appeal and the confrontation of the subject matter with the real need of insurance i.e. death cover, financial security of the family of the deceased. The methodology uses a combination of case study approach and content analysis of life insurance advertisements sample. Findings – Advertisements for life insurance has a circuitous relationship with the subject of death. People were introduced to life insurance by the “Mr. Sharma” ad which stated the bald truth of the after-life of a widow after the wage earner’s death. This ad was forceful enough to make its presence felt in the consumer group, years after its release. With the liberalization of insurance sector, the entire category shifted to two main objectives of the advertisements, talking about death in euphemism and avoiding any offence to the sensibilities of the consumers. Death moved further away from our collective consciousness and we acquired a new vocabulary of growth, responsibility, self sufficiency and bright future to assure ourselves of being infallible. Research Limitations – The research is based on a small sample of Indian/ Thai/Korean advertisements. Practical implication – The findings provide practitioners with an analysis of Indian contemporary life insurance advertisement campaigns. It is possible to identify some common and distinctive characteristics in Korean and Thai contemporary advertisements that should be considered when creating life insurance advertisements in the future. Originality – A study of real-life life insurance advertisements for the very purpose of this same study has not previously been undertaken. Keywords – Life insurance, advertisements, death benefit, core benefit,

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