International Ads: a Look Into French and German Culture

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This essay provides an analysis and evaluation of target markets, content and culture in two international televisions ads as well as two ads produced in the United States. The two product categories or issues being covered by these ads are vehicle safety and beer. The first set of analysis covers vehicle safety features an advertisement from France and one from the United Sates. The second set is about beer advertisements from Germany and United States. All of the advertisements are available for viewing on

The evaluation draws attention to the fact that similar products are advertised in vastly different ways depending on the country and the culture to which they are being shown to. When comparing the French and American car commercials, it is easy to see how differently each culture views the issue of safety. In the French ad, safety was to be seen as an abstract issue. On the other hand, in the United States it was clearly laid out. In addition, the French ad used cultural food to symbolize a car rather than actually using cars. The American commercial features a father and his family. The German beer commercial focuses highly on drinking a beer as a relaxation tool, whereas the United States beer commercial was centered on social activity and sports. Focused highly on humor, the American beer ad demonstrates drinking as a social activity. On the other hand, the German beer commercial depicts drinking beer as something to do alone at the end of a long hard day of work. It can be seen that within these four commercials, obvious differences exist between the ways marketers approach their target market. This is because among each culture there are different sets of norms and beliefs as well as rituals and traditions. These differences play a key role in how advertisements were thought out and developed. Renault Commercial

The first advertisement chosen for analysis was a television commercial for a company called Renault. As a company known mainly for its compact cars, Renault won a Cannes Lions advertising award for this commercial in 2006. This particular commercial was developed by a German advertising agency, by the name of Publicis, and aired France in 2005. Made to emphasize the safety of cars, this commercial clearly highlights Renault’s major claim to fame; they are the only car manufacturer to have eight cars achieving five Euro NCAP stars in the safety crash tests. This advertisement can be found on Description of the Ad

In a market flooded with commercials, unique images and abstract ideas make this ad very good at capturing the attention of French consumers. As the ad begins, the first appeal the consumer notices is the opera music playing in the background and the dark color of the images. The sophisticated music and dark or neutral tones sets a serious and powerful mood. In addition to this, the slow music and dark images are very relaxing and are meant to attract the attention of viewers by gradually pulling them in. However, the mood is quickly lightened when the first “crash test” happens; rather than a car being tested there is a sausage in its place. As the commercial goes on, there are several more crash tests and each time there is a food item that is representative of a car from that particular country. This is interesting because it is taking the serious topic of car safety and adding an element of humor. Furthermore, when the food makes impact with the wall it doesn’t jus crash, but rather it blows up. This is an exceptionally strong statement that emphasizes just how unsafe the car from that country is. At then end of the commercial French bread is shown and it simply hits the wall and springs back to life. This clearly gets the point across to the consumer; French cars are the ones to drive and feel safe. Target Audience

Meant to appeal to both men and women, the target audience is rather...

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