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India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011



Welcome to PwC’s India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011, analysing nine entertainment and media (E&M) industry segments. We have detailed key trends and challenges in each of the segments besides providing their future prospects. In addition, we have provided our views on tax and regulatory issues as well as the technology that is influencing the distribution of content in the industry. The year 2010 saw the global economy begin to recover from a steep decline which in turn saw a rebound in consumer spend, advertising spend and most importantly E&M spend worldwide. Advertisement in particular staged a remarkable comeback in nearly all markets. The world in general continued its shift towards ‘digital’ though the magnitude of change was different in many markets. India recorded one of the highest growth rates in the world at 11.2% in 2010. Yet, this was lower than projected, largely due to the negative growth in the film segment, with all the other segments growing as projected. E&M revenues in India continue to be largely non-digital with TV, print and film constituting almost 90% of the sector. While consumer preference continues to change, the shift to digital is hindered by poor infrastructure as well as affordability of broadband and mobile. Our forecast period does not show a dramatic change. However, just because the change is not aggressive does not mean digital revenues will remain irrelevant. We continue to believe that this situation is temporary and once infrastructure is in place, change will be rapid. The industry needs to use this time to prepare for the digital world. In this edition, we also present our views on the elements of the digital enterprise of the future. At PwC, we continue to monitor trends and developments that may impact your business now as well as in future. We appreciate your feedback and request you to continue to tell us what can make the India E&M Outlook more useful to you. For additional clarification on matters included in the Outlook, please contact any of the PwC E&M professionals named in this publication. Finally, we thank you for your support and wish you an exciting and rewarding year ahead.

Ambarish Dasgupta
Executive Director, Leader, TICE, PwC India

Timmy Kandhari
Executive Director, Leader, Entertainment & Media, PwC India

India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011


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India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011

06 Industry overview 22 Television 44 Print media 58 Film 72 Radio advertising 82 Music

90 Internet advertising and access 104 Out-of-home advertising 110 Animation, gaming and visual effects (VFX)

122 Sports entertainment 126 Tax and regulatory issues 144 Technology India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011 5

Chapter 01

We are pleased to present the 2011 edition of PwC’s India Entertainment and Media Outlook. The information in this publication reflects the collective wisdom of our large team of professionals who work with entertainment and media (E&M) companies in India and overseas. It is a unique resource for the industry, offering a five-year outlook for global consumer spending and advertising revenues, as well as insights into the technology, government, political and business trends driving those forecasts. 6 PwC

2010: The economy on the mend
Worldwide, 2010 saw the global economy begin to recover from a steep decline in 2009. Improved economic conditions in 2010 played a major role in a rebound in consumer spend, advertising spend and most importantly in the E&M spend. While India and China were not critically impacted by the downturn in 2008 and 2009, they demonstrated one of the highest growth rates this year and continued to outperform their global peers. Advertising, the most cyclically sensitive of the three E&M spending streams recorded the largest year-on-year swing, growing by 5.8% in 2010 from almost an...
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