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Practicum 1
The emergent disastrous events are dreadful and unpredictable, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks,which are often threaten the security of people’s lives and properties. When it takes place, public desire for the factual and credible information from various channels. They want to know immediately what happened? Are my family and I safe? And who caused this? They are also concerned about the decision-making by empowerment or whether they can be involved as participants, not spectators. For news media, offer the timely, accurate, and depth reports cannot only meet the need of public, but also could help relief efforts. More importantly than all of that, the accurate and fast news contributes to reduce the panic of public and rumors spreading. Nowadays,network media becomes increasingly important day by day. More and more people have been giving up newspapers and TV news and keeping up with events in profoundly different ways, such as social media. With the network media, news travels with lightning-like speed and what has been a small or regionalized crisis years ago can quickly become a global crisis today. Take Boston Marathon Bombings as example, most people first knew the bombings from social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. They saw and transferred photos of the scene at the finish line and photos of wounded people. After the bombings happened, many citizens that directly involved the investigation through networking sites to find the missing persons and update the latest developments of the event. In short, with the development of globalization and Internet, network media is playing a very important role in the transmission of news, particularly when the emergent disastrous events happen. With the development of the Internet, traditional media, such as broadcast, radio, and newspaper, are facing higher competition with network media. Many traditional media agencies may face the condition of going out of business. And some traditional media agencies are developing towards networking. In 2011, face with financial crisis, the N.Y. Times announced that they would start charging for access to website due to the continuing decline of newspaper circulation. They wanted to change their management idea. Besides that, some TV stations also loss their cable boxes subscribers. Accompanied by the significant decline in the traditional media business performance, network media has shown great vitality and vigor, and have accomplished a lot.

Facing this tendency, some people think traditional media are losing ground, and some of them think traditional media will be totally replaced by network media. Most of them think people won’t get their information from fixed cost operators. They think that it is time to say goodbye to the remote control and radio. However, there are some media people believe that, despite the impact of the Internet, traditional media still has its unique value. It won’t die. In the emergent disastrous events, traditional media have their own advantages, which the network media do not have, such as journalistic professionalism and reliability.


The topic of this research is to study that when they facing the challenge of network media, how traditional media remain the competitive in disastrous events reports. In other words, how traditional media “survive” in the new media age when they report crisis events? The ultimate goal is to find solutions for traditional media to remain competitive in the network era.

Facing with the challenge of network media, it is important for traditional media to clear their own strengths in crisis coverage, which network media cannot have. When disastrous events happen, the competition between media is fierce. All media are fighting for news outlets at that time. Whoever reaches the need of audiences and readers will win this war. Personally speaking, as a broadcast major, I do not want see traditional media moves...
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