Electronic Fad Speech Outline

Topics: Valve Corporation, Gabe Newell, Television Pages: 3 (544 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Electronic Entertainment Explosion

I. Intro

A. News, Movies, Music, Video Games, Sports, Gambling, Books, Television. What do these things have in common? They are all forms of entertainment and each of them has a digital empire.

B. Being human, I spend most of my free time looking for ways to entertain myself. I have learned to appreciate some forms more than others, and I like to believe I can see details some people may miss. Though, I did do a significant amount of searching for websites that cater to differing tastes.
C. Digital distribution has opened a market for a huge variety of entertainment with many success stories.

II. Body

A. There are thousands upon thousands of websites that provide a source for almost any genre of entertainment imaginable. For simplicity's sake I'll just go over music, movies, and television

1. Music
a. Pandora
b. Grooveshark
c. Bandcamp
2. Movies/Television
a. Netflix
b. Hulu
c. Tv Tropes
d. Assorted network websites fox.com cbs.com nbc.com fxnetworks.com adultswim.com
With so many options available for even these two flavors of entertainment, it's a wonder how anyone is ever bored. With access to all these bored people, many companies have discovered that being a reliable source of entertainment is an incredibly lucrative business model.

B. According to consumer analyst website Gartner.com people around the world spent 2 trillion dollars on digital entertainment in 2010, over 2.1 trillion in 2011, and they have projected an increase to only just below 3 trillion by 2015. Entertainment has always been a large profit pie, but the advent of digital distribution is proving to be the whipped cream that ties the whole dessert together.

1. Netflix started in 1997, founder tired of late fees
a. began with only the DVD mailing service
b. largest paid streaming service with almost 27 million subscribers in 2011...
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