Indian Economy

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Section 1: Basic Issues in Economic Development
Developed and Underdeveloped Economies
1. W hat are the features of an Underdeveloped Economy? How far is India still characterized by them? [8,7] (2009)
2. Discuss the salient features of India as underdeveloped but developing economy. (2006)

Economic Growth and Development, Human Development
1. Economic Growth is the means to achieve the end which is the improvement in the quality of life of Human Beings." Comment. What other factor/ conditions are required besides economic growth for achieving an improved quality of life? [7,8] (2010) 2. Explain the concept of Human Development as distinguished from Economic Development. W hat is the Human Development Index (HDI)? Comment on India's HDI. [15] (2009) 3. Distinguish between economic growth and economic development. „Non economic factors are as much important in economic development as economic factors'. Comment.(2008) [6,9] 4. "Growth is necessary but not sufficient condition for development." Explain what are the factors affecing economic developments of a country? (2007)

Sustainable Development

W hat is meant by sustainable development? What measures should a country like India take to protect its environment? (2008) [4,5]

Section 2: Indian Economy at Independence
1. “Indian economy on the eve of independence showed all signs of an underdeveloped economy." Explain with the help of basic statistics such as GNP per capita, poverty, life expectancy, literacy etc. [15] (2010)

Section 3: Policy regimes
Development Strategy, Five year Plans

W hat is meant by Economic Reforms in India? Outline the various reform measures undertaken in India since the 1990s. [15] (2009)


Explain and evaluate reform measures which India has taken for structural adjustment since 1991. (2007)
Growth, equity and sustainability are the main objectives of Tenth Five Year Plan. Discuss. (2006)
W hat do you mean by Globalisation ? Discuss the issues arising out of W .T.O. negotiations. (2005)


Section 4: Growth, Development and Structural Change
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Economic Growth and Regional Development
1. W rite short note on regional imbalance in economic development in India. [6] (2010) 2. Describe trends in inter-regional disparities in growth and development. W hat are their implications? [15] (2009)

Structural Changes in Indian Economy
1. W rite short note on Structural changes in Indian economy since Independence . [9] (2010) 2. Discuss the changes in sectoral composition of G.D.P. '[8] (2008) 3. Analysis briefly the changes in the sectoral composition national income. Do these changes reflect economic growth? (2007)

Land Reforms
1. Briefly describe the Land Reforms in India. Discuss why the New Agricultural Strategy was necessary. [8,7] (2009)

Discuss reasons for slow progress of Land Reforms. [7] (2008)

Changed Policy Perspective
1. W rite an essay on the growth performance of India's economy under different policy regimes since 1951. [15] (2010)
2. Explain and evaluate the reform measures which India has taken for structural adjustment since 1991. (2008)
3. Explain the measures of Economic Reforms un dertaken in India since 1991. (2006)

Employment and Unemployment
1. Suggest measures to reduce unemployment. [8] (2010)
2. Explain nature and extent of urban unemployment. What factors do you attribute to rural unemployment in India? (2007)
3. W rite short notes on :
a. Problems of Unemployment and Poverty in India (2005)

Poverty in India
1. "Population growth is not a cause but a resuIt 0f poverty”. Do you agree? Explain in the light of India's experience in this regard. [15] (2010)
2. Suggest measures to reduce poverty. [7] (2010)

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