Topics: Water resources, Economic growth, Environmentalism Pages: 5 (1879 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Over the past centuries, the world population grow up to bigger and bigger, and human believe that they are the owner of the earth. This is because after the industrial revolution and technological revolution, human brought an amazing period of change for the world and themself. Therefore, you can see the cities with skyscrapers in anywhere no matter desert or ice field, and people can get anything which they want through the internet. These changes base on the production capability development. In other words, the global economy growth is the basic step for human to enjoy their life. From that, the world Gross Domestic Product(GDP) grew about 300–fold, the per capita income rise 13–fold, and the world population increased 22–fold that compare to the past millennium (Angus,2002).In case, let’s focus on GDP growth. In 2000, the world GDP is around 10 trillions dollar. According to the study which done by Standard Chartered Bank(2011),in 2010 the world GDP is 60 trillions dollar that over 6 times compare to 2000 ,and it will grow up to 140 trillions dollar in 2030.In addition, most developing countries simultaneously have successively been subject to global financial growing such as China, Brazil, and India, so they became new emerging markets. In this case, according to UN, the World Economic Situation and Prospects(figure 2), they analyze GDP growth in several developing countries. In addition, China has a highest rate of GDP growth ,that means China plays a much bigger role in the world economy and its importance is likely to increase further(2012).Above that, the global economy growth is incredible, it have risen steadily during the past decade, and it will be still powerful in future.

Figure 2: GDP Growth expectations(%) It is clear that how fast of economic growth in developing countries. However, there is a big issue which between economic growth and environmental protection. The economic growth, both production and consumption, relates to the environment in two fundamental ways. People take resources from the environment to produce goods and services, and they also emit wastes and pollutions into the environment in the process of both producing and consuming. As people known, world GDP grow up in fast, however, it causes so many negative impacts on environment like destroy natural resources and make different types of pollutions. For instance, China has highest rate of GDP growth. According to WCP. Common. Sense’s blog(Figure 2),when people focus on the carbon dioxide emissions of the world ,China is also on the top of emission of greenhouse gases (6,103 million tonnes = 21.50%)(2009). Therefore, China has become the world leader in carbon emissions largely because of the sharp growth in the production of exports which is the majority of GDP growth. This is why I mention that the contradiction between economic growth and environmental protection is apparent in many countries. Overdevelopment has become uncontrollable because some governments in developing countries think that their major goal is economic growth. Therefore, people in these countries need to consume more resources to expand their economy. However, such economic growth often comes at the cost of environmental damage. After understanding the impacts of overdevelopment on the environment, people try to find more environmentally friendly ways to rise their economy which can restore the balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

Figure 2:carbon dioxide emissions of the world
II. Conflict between economy and environment
Increasing consumption of natural resources like mineral and water are the traditional way for developing production capability. In this case, China is a major producer and distributor with resources. In fact, China a world leader in the production and manufacturing has many coveted natural resources....
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