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In Our Modern Urban Lifestyle

By kklkkilimlim Apr 22, 2015 316 Words
In our modern urban lifestyle, we have lost our sense of community. We need to return to a simpler way of life. Discuss.

Following the development of technology, the quality of life becomes better off. It is attractive enough to live in cities, because people can enjoy a lot of convenient facilities. However, some people believe that many people do not know their neighbours and the sense of community has been lost with the increasing number of people in cities. In this essay the effect of the modern urban lifestyle in cities will be discussed. Nowadays, many people tend to live in cities for different reasons. They move into cities mainly for work. Because they leave early in the morning and come back home late in the evening. They do not want to waste their time on a train or bus. If they live in cities, they do not need to wake up early to take a train or bus. Furthermore, living in cities means that they can easily find places or facilities to fill their every need in the urban life, which is valued in the individual lifestyle rather than the sense of community. On the other hand, many people seem to be more isolated than ever before. Because of focusing on the individual lifestyle in modern time, it is hard to have an opportunity to make a deep relationship with people living around. People do not usually know what happens to their neighbours. Humans are social creatures that cannot be independent of others. As a result, even if there are a lot of convenient places in cities, they cannot fulfil satisfaction of people. Most people in cities fall into the sense of isolation. They need to realise the negative effect of their lifestyle and make effort to join in communities in their lives, so that they can live in a simpler way of life.

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