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Compare and Contrast Big City and Small City

By namch29 Dec 31, 2012 426 Words
Living in a small town vs. a big city

Choosing a place to live is an important decision in everyone`s life. In fact, the conditions

of the place one lives have direct effects on his or her life. Some people prefer to live in a

big city. Others would rather live in a small town. There are advantages and

disadvantages about both group`s opinion that in this essay I am going to discuss them.

First, let us elaborate the opinion of the group who prefer to live in a big city. These

people assert that there are a lot of facilities in a bog city that make life easier and more

comfortable. Fore example, there are more social amenities and public services; such as

public transportation, public hygienic services, etc. Another thing is educational and

working opportunities that that are undoubtedly more various in a large city. Also, there

are a lot of facilities of entertainment and cultural activities such as cinemas, theatres,

concerts, etc that is more found in such cities. Furthermore, you can find more expert

doctors and hospitals in a large city that is so considerable particularly in case a disease

occurs. As a result this group prefers to live in a big city.

In contrast, there are people who would rather exist in a small town. These people point

out that although there are a lot of facilities in big cities, you face so many problems in

such cities, too. For instance, as these kinds of cities are so crowded, heavy traffic is a

ubiquitous phenomenon in them which makes life so stressful. This may also lead to air

pollution. So people in big cities are threatened both mentally and physically. Moreover,

the crime rate is much higher in big cities, and also life is too expensive in cities like that.

But, in a small town you can have a calm and healthy life without any stress far from the

crowd of the city. You can breathe natural air without any pollution and happily beside

the nature.

Personally, I would rather live in a big city than a small town. Although some of the

second group`s opinions, mentioned above, seems to be right, but I believe that living in a

small town is so boring and monotonous. Also, as stated above, educational opportunities

are limited in such cities, and finally there are not many chances for finding a desirable

job that is a serious problem itself. That`s why I find a big city a more comfortable and

desirable place to live.

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