Important Aspects of Teen Education That Need to Be Kept in Mind While Providing Homework Help

Topics: Education, Adolescence, Study skills Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Important Aspects of Teen Education that need to be Kept in Mind while Providing Homework Help College students are all in their teenager and thus are at a crucial stage of their lives. They are highly vulnerable at this age and they need to be taught and pampered well to make sure that they grow up in the right direction. The teachers and parents need to keep this basic point in mind and provide guidance accordingly. Even when it comes to homework help, they need to keep certain basic points in mind to enhance teen education. Teens are difficult to handle and thus parents and teachers need to be extremely careful while providing any support or help to them. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is to use different materials for enhancing understanding. The teenagers have a very small concentration span and thus the teachers need to make complete use of different articles or new materials for increasing their understanding. Only when innovative and new approaches are used, the students would understand better. The teachers and parents need to make use of varied and important methodologies for making sure that the teens are learning better. The teachers and parents also need to make sure that they answer to all the queries that the teens and the college students have. It is natural for the students to have different queries and problems and only when these queries are answered well, they would be motivated to study further. If the teachers don’t entertain the queries of the students, they would get disheartened and would never even discuss their problems again with the teachers. Such compromise from the students’ point of view needs to be eliminated completely. The teachers also need to adopt a mix of formal and informal form of education. College students have been shown to prefer their friends over the educating teachers and parents and thus if the teachers always adopt a formal approach, the students would not get completely attracted towards homework...
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