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Teenage dating in GenX

The fast pace world with globalization being the bottomline agenda for every organization. Continuous change along with integration of new technology and new innovations being carried out by the NASA gaining importance in the market. With new high end technology like ipads, tablets,iphones etc, more portable and easy interactive interface. Access through different online portals such as facebook, orkut etc to different locations of people, having numerous connections to be made. The journey from a stranger to a person having seated next to you-a common scenario of today’s era.

When we think of the generation pased by we think of arrange marriages, casual relations among your own relatives or with your extended family not beyond that. Arranged marriages being carried out on the consent of both the families involved. Interaction of boy and a girl as a brother and a sister, further the interaction with your concerned husband choosen by your parents. Girls were not allowed to go outside their house for work and they were told to not talk to men outside their families.

But considering today’s era were in colleges, workplace and even at home no one restricts you from talking to the people of opposite sex. You have been given full freedom to talk, to room around with your brothers and sisters. And also given you access to internet sites for your references used in college studies. Nowdays, teenage students of age nearby 18-25 where they come to college-a place where you are freedom, free from restrictions imposed in schools, now you have an independent identify. Though college run classes, carry out activities in regard to the knowledge being imparted but rules are followed to a certain extent. Students are exposed to different norms of societies, different aspects of people behavior. It is the place where student at young age mould themselves according to their interest. If one wants to continue with their studies, they do so; other...
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