Importance of Work-Life Balance and Its Effects

Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: January 22, 2014
Why Work Life Balance Is So Important?
Life has become much easier, as the world is blessed with the advent of technology. A touch can help us to reach anyone across the world then “where do we lack in balancing our life”? Work and Life are both the same they need to be balanced in proportionate manner; it is all about maintaining a healthy working environment at home and maintaining a homely atmosphere at work place.

Effects of work life balance:
Spending long hours or days on work is one of the important factor which impacts work life balance, there could be number of reasons behind long working hours like; Job dependency, lack of support from senior management, colleagues, lack of role clarity, lack of job security and over work load. Last but not the lease usage of technology between work and home like telephonic conversation, attending client calls at home, will be having a negative impact at home atmosphere. These factors will have a much impact on employee health conditions such as increasing in smoking, alcoholic consumption; weight gain and which will obviously lead into depression mode. Especially employers expect a long working hours from younger generations, they set up expectations in such manner but employees struggle in reach up to their expectation. Employer Practices:

Awareness among employer is increasing day by day, they started focusing on return on investment, recruitment, retention of employees in a cost effective manner. As a matter of fact employers are concentrating on “Wellness Programs” like Gym, Yoga training secessions, educating on healthy eating habits, counseling and many more. For managers and above levels employers are offering flexi working environment and long vacations.

Many employers have initiated a practice of hiring new employee in order to reduce dependency level on employees who ever has a work load, job sharing, job rotation etc.., In order to make sure employee gets a stress free working...
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