Importance of Teaching Spanish

Topics: Second language, Multilingualism, Education Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Importance of Teaching Spanish to America’s YouthI

The Importance of Teaching Spanish to America’s Youth
Most people would love to be able to travel to Spain or Mexico and feel comfortable with speaking the native language as well at the same time making themself a more valuable employee to any future employer. A simple way to achieve both of these goals would be to learn a foreign language more specifically Spanish. Many children have the option in their class rooms to elect to learn Spanish but just as many have the opportunity many do not or just do not take advantage of it. Some parents or children taking the classes see it as a waste of time that English is the only language they should ever have to learn. Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, especially when concerning their child’s education there is a high importance that is among America’s adults to teach Spanish to children while they are still of school age. It is important for America’s youth to learn Spanish as a second language in today’s world to help further them in their social, professional, and educational endeavors. To be able to give the adults of tomorrow all the tools that are essential to go above and beyond in their lives with their professional careers they must learn to speak a foreign language mainly Spanish. By becoming bi-lingual our children will become more marketable for their future employees and more versatile in their everyday lives. According to the University of Indianapolis “Employers are seeking applicants who can speak Spanish in nearly every profession (medical, government, legal, journalism, finance, education, sales, etc.) ("University Of Indianapolis", 2013) with this being public knowledge it is very clear that knowing a second language will enhance someone’s future career opportunities. There is a great importance in teaching our children Spanish, while Spanish is only the world’s third most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese, and...
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