Importance of Not Being Late

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Importance of not being late.
In the following paper I will be discussing what series of actions brought me to write this paper, the army regulations surrounding said actions, the possible effects these actions might have on the accomplishment of the mission, the possible affects on your career, and how to discourage and possibly stop such things from ever happening soon or ever again. The reason I am being subject to this time consuming, uninspired, and rather lackluster writing assignment is because I failed to be at the correct place of duty at the time appointed to me by my superiors. The day before we had a relatively late work call and I adjustment my alarm clock to reflect the change and give myself ample time to get myself ready for that particular formation. As I made my daily preparations for bed I overlooked the fact I had changed my alarm clock time the previous night, as u can imagine I woke up later than I would have preferred to give myself enough time to make it to the formation at the correct time. So now that you, the reader, are clear to the events leading up this paper we may start our journey into a little paper I have modestly called “importance of not being late”.

This offense in the eyes of the army can be found in article 87 of the uniform code of military justice. This falls under the greater banner of “missing movement”. This article states “any person subject to this chapter who neglect or design misses the movement of a ship, aircraft, or unit with which he is required in the course of duty to move shall be punished as a court martial may direct”. It basically states that if the accused was required in the course of the duty to move with the unit under orders, and that the accused knew of the prospective movement, and that the accused missed said movement, and if the accused missed the movement in question through his or hers own design or neglect. More directly it can fall under article 86. This article states that any member...
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