Being on Time

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Being on time
24 January, 2013

Being at the right place at the right time for any person is extremely important to the daily life and military life. Being dependable, accountable, and disciplined are all crucial factors that go along with it. Being on time shows that a person is dependable and have his or her priorities straight. Being where one needs to be at the right time always one of the most important aspects of everything you want to succeed in. Failure to be on time not only hinders your time to get tasks done but also wastes the time of those waiting on you. If you want to fix this use good time management. It is important to realize that it is necessary for a person to hold themselves at a higher standard if the wish to excel in life, the military, or whatever you wish to succeed in. Punctuality remains and always will be an extremely vital aspect of military bearing and discipline. It has a direct connection to a person’s appearance, task effectiveness, and essentially every aspect of life and responsibility. I cannot place enough importance on how significant being on time constantly is. For instance; a person who is late or does not report at all to a place at the time stated effectively compromises and reduces the efficiency of which the task or mission at hand can be completed. It also makes it so other people are waiting on you to put out information. This makes it so you waste their time so then they may be late for something and you make them look bad. No one should every try to be sabotaging someone else because of their laziness and inability to be considerate of others. Not being on time also shows that you are not accountable or unaccountable. This is also a direct reflection of yourself and what others feel they should treat you like. Like a wise man once said “If you act like a child you will be treated like a child.” And really what grown man or women wants to be treated like they are 15 years old and have people hold their hand...
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