Importance of Computer Literacy for e-Learning education

Topics: Education, Slovakia, Literacy Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: July 24, 2014


Joint International IGIP-SEFI Annual Conference 2010, 19 - 22 September 2010, Trnava, Slovakia



Ondrej Kvasnica , Roman Hrmo

Institute of Engineering Pedagogy and Humanities, Faculty of Materials Science and

Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Paulínska 16, 91724 Trnava, Slovakia

Topic: Information and Communication Technologies in Engineering Education Form of Presentation: oral
Keywords: computer literacy, e-learning, engineering education, information and communication technologies

E-learning is one of the main innovative features included also in the long-term plan of our faculty for the current period [1, p.5] through these points: • to realize innovation of existing degree programs aimed at reducing direct contact hours of teaching, and their replacement by other modern methods of study. • to process the teaching support using multimedia educational tools, using e-learning, using interactive teaching program for these forms of studies. We decided to examine possible problems following implementation of e-learning in the dissertation work ‘E-learning in Professional Technical Subjects’ [2]. In this article we would like to introduce our basic background and partial results of the research. WHAT IS E-LEARNING

There is not only one definition of e-learning. Earlier it was associated firstly with multimedia CD-ROMs; nowadays e-learning education is using usually internet technologies. The constant is the computer. For our research we defined e-learning as long-term systematic learning through computer use. The difference between e-learning and traditional teaching is only in the used material resources, all other factors can be preserved: objectives, teaching principles, curriculum, methods and forms.

Based on this knowledge, we can express that application of...

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