Study on Performance of Diesel Engine Supplied with Methanol-Diesel

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Study on Performance of Diesel Engine Supplied with Methanol-Diesel Blended Fuel Daming Han1,a Shiqiang Sun2,b 1 2

Northeast Forestry University, Traffic College, Harbin 150040 China

Northeast Forestry University, Traffic College, Harbin 150040 China a


Keywords: Diesel; Methanol diesel blended fuel; Engine performance; Smoke

Abstract: This paper analyzed the basic physical and chemical characteristics of methanol diesel blended fuel. The power and fuel economy performances were studied experimentally when methanol diesel blended fuel was supplied to JiChai 3012 diesel engine, without any changing of the configuration of this machine. The results show that compared to common diesel engine, the diesel engine using 10% and 20% methanol blended fuel show a slightly decrease in power, a less than 5% decrease in the dynamic performance, and an increase in fuel consumption; while the smoke is the reduced by 10% and 20% methanol blended in diesel. Introduction In the modern world, energy and environmental protection have become two major problems which human face. As one kind of energy conversion tool, diesel engine is the one of the most important oil fuel consumer and the exhaustemission of these engines is one of the important reasons causing atmospheric environment pollution. Therefore, how to reduce oil fuel consumption and the environment pollution has become the focus of attention in the modern world science. The methanol resources is rich, especially it can be refined from the coal which is relatively rich in our country. The methanol resource can be self-sufficient in our country, and the methanol industry is also on surplus condition in the worldwide. At present, the methanol gasoline were begun to promoted and piloted completely, and the standard of fuel methanol have been issued in our country and place, which marks the methanol have been successfully applied to gasoline engines as a kind of internal combustion engine alternative fuel. So how to apply fuel methanol to diesel engine has been get more and more attention. But there is a big difference between methanol and diesel in their physical and chemical properties, the application of methanol in diesel has some difficulties. In addition to solve problems as wear, solubility outside, the most important thing is to know about the influence on the performance of diesel engine. This paper will studies the application characteristics of methanol-diesel mix fuel in diesel engine through experiments. Physical and chemical properties Methanol diesel fuel is an alternative fuel of diesel engine, which is mixed with ethanol and diesel according to a certain proportion. The physical and chemical characteristics of mixed fuel such as calorific value, boiling point, hexadecane physic-chemical parameters value will change after the methanol and diesel mutually dissolved with certain proportions. As shown in table 1, the All rights reserved. No part of contents of this paper may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of TTP, (ID:,17:51:44)


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methanol’s latent heat of vaporization and spontaneous combustion temperature is higher and the hexadecane value is lower, the nature is very different with that of the diesel, which arises some difficulty in the application of the mixed fuel to the diesel engine; meanwhile, as the boiling point of methanol is much lower than the diesel, the boiling point of mixed fuel is lower than diesel, and henc the fuel’s atomization effect will be improved, which will have a further influence to the burning of fossil fuels characteristics and diesel...

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Materials Processing Technology 10.4028/
Study on Performance of Diesel Engine Supplied with Methanol-Diesel Blended Fuel 10.4028/
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