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By 1892, america was producing more than it could consume.Senator Albert beveridge of indiana puts it this way: " we are raising more than we can consume... Making more than we can use. Therefore, we must find new markets for our produce, new occupation for out capital, new work for our labor"

Josiah strong
congregational minister, josiah strong began his career trying to convert indians to christianity.
Linking economic and spiritual expansion strong advocated an "imperialism of righteousness" by white americans who were best suited for "christianizing" and civilizing others with their "genius for colonizing."

Brishtish poet, rudyard kipling, called this the "white man's burden."
Foreign missions
as early àthe 1820s, american missionaries traveled to the sandwich islands in Hawaii to supplant the indigenous religion with christianity.
Following the civil war, the women's union missionary society of americans for heathen lands was formed.
By the 1890s, college campuses blazed with missionary excitement. Young protestant women rushed to join foreign missionaries societies.
By 1915, More than 3 million women had enrolled in forty denominational missionary societies.
Missionaries in china
By 1898, protestants claimed to have made christians of 80 chinese.
however, the missionaries did more than spread the gospel. They taught school. Provided basic medical care, offered vocational training and pursue a college education for careers in their homeland.

The YMCA and YWCA set up non-denominational missions in many American cities, and embarked on a world-wide crusade to reach non-Christians
A close observer suggested that U.S. Had three great occuping forces the army the Navy, and the "Y".
Overseas empires
Josiah strong's apt remark that "commerce follows the missionary" was an american dream that became reality.
in 1887, William Henry Seward purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million.
In 1887, Built a naval...
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