Impact on Acquisition/Performance

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Impact on Acquisition/Performance

One way that growth patterns impact skill acquisition and performance in physical activity is due to the rate if the growth pattern. When the growth pattern is rapid children may have a lesser ability to learn new motor skills (Pangrazi & Beighle 2010). With body physique a more muscular, stronger child will have an easier time performing skills that require speed, strength, and agility, while a smaller thinner child will perform these skills as well they be better at more aerobic like skills (Pangrazi & Beighle 2010). Heavier overweight children may have problems performing in many activities of physical education. Skeletal maturity affects boys and girls differently when it comes to their ability to perform motor skills. Boys who are more skeletal mature tend to have the ability to perform motor skills better, while for girls it tends to play less of a factor with the ability of their motor skills (Pangrazi & Beighle 2010).

The two children I picked from figure 2.6 were the heavier girl on the end and the taller more muscular girl second from the other end. The heavier girl may have a hard time keeping up with the running back and forth of a game of soccer. She may also have a hard time keeping up with the speed of some of the other children. The taller more muscular girl will most likely do well at this game. Due to her body type she will most likely have the speed, strength, and ability needed to play this game.

Pangrazi, R. P., & Beighle, A. (2010). Dynamic Physical Education For Elementary School Children (16th ed.). Benjamin Cummings: Pearson Education, Inc.

Explain the role you as the teacher play in shaping and controlling student behavior. As a teacher my role is to be an assertive leader and not a friend, by being direct with the student, and let the student know what behavior is acceptable, and warning the student of offensive behavior (Pangrazi & Beighle, 2010, p. 96). Integration:...
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