Impact of Workforce Diversity on Organization Performance

Topics: Organization, Management, Discrimination Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: December 31, 2010
Diversity has become a central element of the modern organizationallandscape- so much so that 75% of the 50 largest companies in the U.S now have diversity directors or managers. A whole new industry has even materialized diversity training to help organizations address the challenge that diversity creates. This interest in diversity would not be surprising. As firms move toward flatter organizational structures featuring groups and teams, and the global economy as a whole. Although business has been conducted on an international deal for many years, in Nigeria International business has gained greater visibility and importance in recent years, because of the growth of large multinational corporations. International businesses, involves teams action across national boundaries. These transaction includes the transfer of goods, services,

technology, managerial knowledge and skills, and capital to other countries. This in twin fostered diversity in workforce among business organization. This research however chose to investigate the “EFFECT OF WORKFORCE DIVERSITY ON ORGANIZATIONS PERFORMANCE”. Many multi-nationally owned organizations today employs workforce comprising of indigenes and non-indigenes as well as mix of genders (male and female) and age groups. The diversity among each employee profers different kind of input from each individuals. What began for many U.S organizations for instance, as an effort to meet governmental and legal requirements has evolved into a strategic priority aimed at positioning organizations more competitively in the market place. It is estimated that organizations spend 18 billion annually on diversity training. In addition, organizations devote resources to a variety of other diversity-related initiatives, including dedicated diversity management staffs and workplace programs and benefits such as flexible work arrangements, domestic partner benefits, corporate-sponsored

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