Impact of Tourism on Traditional Culture of NamoBuddha

Topics: Tourism, Nepal, Sustainable tourism Pages: 35 (7135 words) Published: August 24, 2014
A research report on
Impact of tourism on traditional culture of NamoBudhha

Submitted to
International School of Tourism and Hotel Management
Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Submitted by
4th semester
Section D
2014 August

I hereby declare that this study entitled “Impact of Tourism on Traditional Culture of Namo Buddha” is based on my original research work. Related works used in this study by other authors and researchers have been duly acknowledged. I owe all the liabilities relating to accuracy and authenticity of the data or any other information included in this research. Thus, I would like to approve this work as my original research work.

2014 August 7

The undersigned certify that this report entitled “Impact of Tourism on Traditional Culture of Namo Buddha” is submitted to International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (IST) in partial fulfillment for the course of Research Methodology of Higher Diploma in Hotel Management by SanamAcharya.



It gives us immense pleasure to express my deepest sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to highly respected and esteemed guide Mr. RajibTimalsina, Lecturer of Research Methodology for his valuable guidance, encouragement and help for completing this work. His useful suggestions for this whole work and co-operative behavior are sincerely acknowledged. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Rajib Timalsina, Lecturer of Research Methodology for giving me this opportunity to undertake this project. I would also like to thank Mr. Rajib Timalsina for whole hearted support. I am also grateful to my teachers RajibTimalsina Lecturer of Research Methodology for their constant support and guidance. At the end I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our friends and others who helped us directly or indirectly during this project work.

Sanam Acharya
2014 August 19

Tables of contents
ContentsPage no.
Table of contents
List of tables & figures
Chapter IIntroduction
1.2 Statement of Problem3
1.3Research objectives3
1.4Significance of study3
1.5Operational Definition4
1.6Conceptual Framework4
Chapter IIReview of Literatures
2.1Review of literatures6
Chapter IIIResearch Methodology
3.1Research Design7
3.2Research Site7
3.3Universe and Sampling7
3.4Nature of Data7
3.5Data collection method7
3.6Data analysis process8
3.7Chapter Organization8
3.8Ethical consideration8
Chapter IVFindings
4.1Peoples who are not covered by the Tourism10
4.2Does Tourism help to revitalize the Traditional Culture?10 4.3Number of tourist11
4.4Effect of tourism to environment11
4.5Popularity of the place11
Chapter VData analysis
5.1Impact made by tourist14
5.2Area of tourism in Namo Buddha14
5.3Analysis of field of observation14
5.4Reason for Decline of popularity of destination15
Chapter VISummary Conclusion & Recommendation
Annex -3

List of Tables & Figures
4.1 Rating scale11
4.1 Number of people covered by tourism10
5.1Rating scale of destination15
C.D.R. - Central Development Region
NTB – Nepal Tourism Board
Every culture possesses its own type of attitude, norms, values, perspectives and perception of the society. In general some culture is dynamic and progressive and some others are static and conservative under the similar circumstances in terms of climate, geography and...

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