Lawn Industry of Pakistan

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Research Pages: 22 (3265 words) Published: May 10, 2010
Letter of Acknowledgement

Ms. Saadiyeh Saad
Course Convener
Methods of Business Research
CBM - Karachi.

Dear Madam,

As per instructions, we are submittings this case-study like research report on Lawn Industry of Pakistan discussing the factors impacting the intensification of lawn fabrics in Pakistan.

We would like to thank you for being so helpful and supportive in the teaching us this subject in such a manner that after its completion, our concepts are literally clear regarding various methodologies involved in researches.

Beyond any doubt, it is just an outcome of your comprehensive and procedural approach of teaching that we have made this report without scantiness of any kind.

We are really obliged for your support, Madam.


Nasir R. Zaidi

Pakistan Business Research (PBR) is a nation wide advisory services agency and market research firm. Primarily, it focuses on assisting retail industry executives and vendors serving retailers to achieve competitive differentiation and market success through business-driven short term investments. PBR provides facts based research and customer centric strategies to enable better offerings from vendors and more effective business investments by retailers.

PBR helps clients gain clarity, obtain precise perspective and formulate course of action on critical business issues.

Founded in 2009 by a group of IoBM Grads, PBR provides custom marketing research, syndicated research and evidence-based consulting to leading organizations in the financial services, life sciences and consumer goods industries.

Through quality research, advanced analytics and deep industry knowledge, PBR delivers data-driven solutions and strategies that enable clients to better understand customers, define products, and shape market opportunities in order to increase revenues and grow the value of their products and brands.

PBR’s Key Services:

Since its inception in 2009, PBR has providing services of a full-fledge research firm that specializes in helping companies understand current customers, lost customers, potential customers and employees (internal customers) and track the factors that affect customer satisfaction, loyalty, awareness, and purchasing behaviors.

Undergoing rapid developments since its establishment in 2009, PBR is a market research company with already many standing client relationships in place and a strategic plan for strong and consistent growth.

Core Values:

Invest in continuous learning to improve the quality of work and the development of our employees

Exhibit an ethical “can-do” attitude and practice what we preach.

Form lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers;
Foster a rewarding and fun environment for employees;
Further our commitment to the community.

Provide products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of accuracy, quality and timeliness.

Brand Research & Consulting:

Brands play a critical role in purchase decision making. They are the customer-facing expression of your business strategy. So why do so many companies know so little about their brands? Whether you are just starting to define your brand or you have an established brand that you are managing - accurate and timely information is available only through adequate brand research. PBR’s branding research concentrates on six key areas to give the critical information you need to manage your brand;

1. Creating a new brand strategy
2. Understanding how far your brand can stretch
3. Brand architecture
4. Brand management
5. Revitalizing brands
6. Brand positioning

New Products / Services Research:

The failure rate of new product launches is very high. Some estimates are that less than 20% of new products succeed! In order to increase your chances of new product success, turn to Pakistan Business Research (PBR). Our experience in marketing research for identifying, developing...
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