Impact of Teacher Personality to Student Learning

Topics: Self-esteem, Education, Teacher Pages: 8 (1708 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Series II – Step 5 

How Teacher Personality and Style Affects the Growth of Self Confidence Adapted from the book, Creating Confident Children in the Classroom: The Use of Positive Restructuring. Pierangelo/Giuliani: Research Press

More and more, teachers are becoming a primary influence in children’s lives, and in some cases they may be the openly healthy adults some children encounter during the day. Twenty five years ago family structures were different, and teachers did not require the depth and variety of social/emotional skills that are required of today’s teachers. Teachers today are not only educators, but therapists, parent substitutes, mentors, advocates, and more. Therefore, it stands to reason that a teacher’s personality and teaching style can have a profound impact on children’s academic performance and general development. While the emphasis in the last four parts has focused on the student, this part will focus on the importance of teaching style in creating a positive environment in which student confidence is fostered. It will be very important to step back and evaluate how you are defined as a teacher, your goals in teaching, and the manner in which you present yourself to students. Does your teaching style allow for an environment where confidence can really be reinforced or an environment that may actually impede the growth of confidence? No single aspect of a teacher’s personality may be responsible for improving or impeding the growth of confidence in a student. For example, a very strict teacher who is fair, kind, genuine, logical, and nurturing may facilitate the growth of self confidence despite being very strict. On the other hand, a teacher who is funny but unstructured and disorganized may not facilitate children’s self confidence. Despite the fact that the children love the teacher, they may not gain confidence if the teacher cannot provide the real-life success experiences necessary for the growth of self confidence.

NASET’s Classroom Management Series 

Positive Teaching Characteristics
This quality is exhibited by teachers who:
• • • • • • •

Create a student-centered classroom environment Go beyond what is expected of them to promote student’ well being Are easily approachable Are honest and up-front with students Follow through on what they say Are consistent in their methods Are not fake or hypocritical

Teachers with this quality:
• • • • • • • •

Can admit to making a mistake Give assignments that take into account student’ needs and levels of ability Give assignments that are reasonable in length with the main goal being feelings of success and accomplishment Give tests that stick to what has been taught Take a commonsense approach to grading homework and essays Give helpful comments for improvement Give students advance notice of quizzes and tests Do not seek to “get” children by giving unfairly difficult assignments and tests

Teachers who have this characteristic will:
• • • • •

Maintain order and routine in their classroom Provide students with structure and logical rules that apply equally to all Teach student to organize their materials, desks and lockers Have well-planned lessons with logical presentations and relevant follow-up assignments Hand back tests, essays, and classwork in a reasonable amount of time

Logic and Common Sense
This quality is expressed by teachers who:
• • • •

Recognize that students, like adults, have good and bad days Understand that forces outside the classroom may be affecting a student’s performance Know the classroom is not the center of the universe Know the difference between symptoms and problems and look for the root of the symptoms rather than label them in negative terms NASET | How Teacher Personality and Style Affects the Growth of Self Confidence  2 


NASET’s Classroom Management Series 

Knows and believes that no child wants to fail in...
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