Impact of Edsa Revolution

Topics: Corazon Aquino, Ferdinand Marcos, People Power Revolution Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: April 22, 2013
EDSA Revolution I

In the year 1986, the Philippines was given the world’s limelight because of the nonviolent revolution to overthrow the dictatorship of Former President Ferdinand Marcos. Many countries were astounded by our country’s move and it draw much more attention because nobody died. With 2 million participants involved in the protest, the military was given a choice whether or not firing back to the protesters who are free of firearms and are only holding rosaries. And because of this the Filipino citizens were successful in overthrowing the dictatorship’s administration and the departure of the Marcos Family. The Filipino Citizens were able to taste democracy again because of the leadership of Former President Corazon Aquino after the Marcos Family left. (Santiago, 2009). As Santiago stated in her website, she detailed all the events on EDSA revolution I per day and explained it thoroughly. Reading materials like this or anything related the EDSA revolution makes a Filipino’s heart feel proud about what the world saw.

I was not yet born during the EDSA revolution but the rest of my siblings and parents were there and experienced all the happenings. I was able to get my mother’s side of the story on what happened during the EDSA Revolution. I started to ask where she was during the EDSA Revolution (Febrauary 22-25) and said that she was at her office together with my siblings (The office where my mother is working is also our house). They were listening to updates of the events like the protests, and chaos through TV and radio. My mother was working at a printing office and she said that their clients increased because the clients were giving job orders on flyers about overthrowing Marcos’ administration. And my mother stated that the flyers they printed were distributed to people who are passing by. My mother also stated that their sales increased during that time because the job orders they received kept on coming and coming. She said that...
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