Filipino People Power Revolution

Topics: Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: August 9, 2011
The Filipino People S Power Revolution Essay, Research Paper

The Filipino People s Power Revolution

The revolution of the Philippines is a story about an economically poor government; a poverty-stricken nation; and a corrupt dictators nearly bloodless ousting. The revolution is key in understanding the current state of the nation, as well as exhibiting factors that have led to the countries current economical state. While the events leading up to the revolution are by no means solely responsible for the poverty of the Philippines, the nation is still recovering from the effects of the incidents preceding the revolution. The Filipino revolution is structurally similar to many of the world s past revolutions. While all revolutions are fought for different causes and have different outcomes, nearly every revolution fits the pattern defined by Crane Briton. The Philippines revolution applies to the outline given in Crane Briton s Patterns of Revolution.

The Peoples Power Revolution of the Philippines takes place because of the government fails to meet the needs of its people. In 1972 the Dictator of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, lead his country into economic chaos through his declaration of martial law. He crushed his opposition under the martial law by arresting nearly 30,000 of his opponents. These people ranged from being his political rivals to media reporters and other activists. He confiscated weapons, shut down newspapers, and found other ways of restricting the freedoms of his people. He closed Congress, and assumed all legislative power. At first many people approved of the institution of martial law as they saw it as a way to end the increasing amounts of violence in their cities. Marcos wrote a new Constitution, which allowed him to stay in office for an infinite amount of six-year terms. Marcos goes on to end martial law because he wants to get on the good side of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Although the end of martial law does...
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