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On the brink of another historical election in our life time Immigration and presidential politics will play a major roll in who will become the next president of the United States of America. President Obama, and several GOP candidates all agree our immigration system is broken and in need of a overhaul. However, it is there different sentiment on immigration and how to fix the open invitation for illegal immigration into this country that leave these candidates at odds. How these candidates plan to handle these issue will have a serious effect on the polls in November. These particular issues in latest news have not been favorable topics for several GOP candidates. The population of the United States in recent decades have become more divers . In 2010 with a growing population of 308,745,538 today non-Hispanic Whites constitute three quarters (231 million) of the country's population of 308 million people. The largest minority group is composed of 50 million Hispanics composing of 16.3 percent. The remaining population of the United States are African American, comprising about 13.6 percent of the total, or 42 million people, 14 million Asians, 5 million American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts and 1 million Pacific Islanders” (Census). Most studies of the relationship between demographic context and political behavior in the United States have focused on African Americans. However, in recent years there has been an increase in research regarding how the number of Latinos and/or immigrants (legal or illegal) within a geographic unit influence the political or policy preferences of non-Latino and native-born voters. For many liberal this increase in immigration particularly Hispanic and Latino immigrants in united states is seen as the flood gates of haven opened up to land of opportunity. It is the Extension of the American dream to others around the world that you can come to America get a good job, work really hard, and still earn decent wage to take care of your family same as the millions of people before them, but many republican see it differently. Because immigrants and their children in the United States vote disproportionately for the Democratic Party, large numbers of immigrants in a geographic unit may lead to higher levels of hostility from Republicans. History have proven to us that in 1996 overwhelmingly An estimated 71% of Hispanics and 53% of Asians voted for Democratic Party candidates (Rodriguez). Also in recent election President Obama won the Latino vote by more than two to one in the 2008 presidential election (Hawley, 2011). These type of voting patterns show why Republican or ideological conservative is associated with a preference for lower immigration levels in comparison to Democrats and Independents. For many conservatives who feel that these newcomers represent a threat to their political power. Although many of the more bitter debates regarding immigration deal with the approximately 12million illegal immigrants in the United States (Hawley,2011). Republicans have offered many solutions to what is viewed as threat to middle class, low skilled worker and economy. Some suggestions from GOP candidates like Herman Cain suggested “America build a border wall similar to the Great Wall of China, going so far as to advocate a moat full of alligators.” A more sensible suggested by republican candidate Mitt Romney are “legal immigration is good, it’s important, it’s an advantage, and America need it, to protect legal immigration, stop illegal immigration, Implement constructive solutions for people waiting to immigrate legally and for people who immigrated illegally and live in the U.S. and Substantially expand legal immigration, including implementation of a program that matches visas to employers’ needs in all sector” (Schneider). For some conservatives these views are to liberal and worst they run a thin line for agreeing or echoing same suggestions as President Obama and other democratic...
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