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6.05.0 IMC Objective One – Consumer
5.1 Marketing Budget - Consumer
5.2 IMC Methodologies
5.2.1 Advertising - Consumer Advertising Budget Creative Brief - Consumer Advertising Design
5.2.2 Consumer Promotions
5.2.3 Personal Selling - Personal Selling
5.2.4 Sponsorship Programs
5.2.5 Database Programs
5.3 Media Plan

5.0 IMC Objective One - Consumer

The objective of our target market focuses on creating brand is it certain that many young people are tending to be wealthier than the older generation. This is due to increased literacy levels in these groups of individuals and availability of employment opportunities. In addition, the Apples products are favoured and preferred mostly by the young generation. In 2010, youths composed the larger percentage of apples customers globally. Therefore, it is certain that Apple will target the youths who have technological knowledge thus easily use the company’s products such as iPhone mobile devices, iPod, Macintosh Computers, and the new company’s product, Ipad2, among other major products. Moreover, the other Apple’s objectives is to expand their sales to customers who have not yet own an Apple product. They do this not only through advertising but by expanding their distribution network as well. Another objective for Apple is to produce hassle free products that will provide service and enjoyment for customers. To reach this goal Apple believes in the continuous investment in their Research and Development department in order to continue producing quality products. Lastly one of Apple’s biggest objectives is to become the leading business in the mobile market. Their strategy associated with this goal is to become an online search machine and platform for online advertising. The development of these objectives will help us to generate sales that will result in profits for our business. In order to accomplish our main objectives we will utilize a combination of advertising, consumer promotions, direct marketing, sponsorships and public relations. This will allow us to advertise heavily to this target market.

5.1 Marketing Budget - Consumer

The IMC Budget by consumer will be spent in 5 major areas. For the advertising budget we will be spending a total of $1000,000,000. As shown in the table and the graph below, it represents that advertising is the largest portion of the total budget. We believe it is an important investment because it will help us achieve our main goal: create brand awareness among potential customers. The second major part of this budget will be $250,000,000. This amount will be spent on several sponsorships that will take place throughout the year. This will also be considered and important investment in our company because it will enhance the brand image and help to create positive word of mouth. For personal selling, we will spend $200,000,000. In order to develop high quality customer service when selling our products. The database program will be developed once the website is active. The development of this process will be constantly changing throughout the year until we are able to acquire the necessary information from our customers. The cost for the database program will be approximately $120,000,000. Finally, for consumer promotions we will utilize mainly direct mail pieces. By utilizing this method we will provide customers with gift cards and catalogs. This will show the customer that we care about them as well as informing them about our new products. The cost for this will be approximately $180,000,000. APPLE does not have to choose to spend the exact budget amount for consumer advertising. This is an estimated budget where the purpose is to demonstrate all possibilities that will help achieve our main goals for reaching to our customers.

IMC Budget By Consumer

Budget| 2012|
Advertising| $1000,000,000|
Consumer Promotions| $180,000,000|
Personal Selling...
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