Favorite Brand Paper 1

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Favorite Brand
MKT 421
November 6, 2014

Favorite Brand
Brand Paper
Apple Inc. is Multinational Corporation located in Cupertino California. Apple manufactures IPods, IPhones, I Pads, and Mac computers. They most recently have announced the launch of their new apple watches along with new IPhone models. Apple is a company known for offering sleek, easy-to-use, highly sought after products worldwide. The company establishes a long-term connection with consumers of varying ages by offering excellent service in their retail stores and also through telephone support. These build loyalty for the brand. Apple places a high value on product differentiation, gaining the upper hand by setting a higher standard for their devices along with prices and availability in the marketplace. For many years, the brand was a far second to Microsoft in terms of sales and operating system use. However, with the launch of the IPhone they gained popularity and are now the number one in sales, year after year edging out Microsoft and other manufacturers. Apple has accomplished this by launching large-scale advertising campaigns, which has given the brand an important place in consumers’ lives and made the brand hip and environmentally responsible. Last, the company prides itself on offering user-friendly devices with many learning tools that can be used by the youngest generation, kids, which gives it an edge over Microsoft and other similar companies. Reason Number One

One of the reasons that I love this brand is the quality of their products. I have owned 3 IPhones; currently I have an I-Pad, Mac, IPod and IPhone. I have rarely had an issue with any of their products. If I ever have an issue, I can go to any Apple retail location and get it taken care of.

Reason Number Two
Apple's customer service is unparalleled as far as I am concerned. They have always done everything that they can to fix any issue that I have had with any of their products. They go above and beyond my expectations when compared to other electronics companies that I have dealt with. Reason Number Three

The third reason I like Apple products is that they are innovative. They have created technologies like the "Where's my IPhone" application, fingerprint security features and ITunes. I have used the "Where is my IPhone app numerous times to locate my phone.my computer and my IPod. These features make you feel like your personal information is secure and should your Apple products be stolen, the can be locked remotely and tracked down using various applications. I love that I sync all of my devices with each other. Durable products, security features, and innovative technology are great selling features and key points in their marketing strategy. Marketing

What is marketing? There are many definitions of the term marketing. According to Perreault, Cannon and McCarthy, "Marketing is the performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organization’s objectives by anticipating customer or client needs and directing a flow of need-satisfying goods and services from producer to customer or client." (2011) Apple uses marketing to its advantage. "Apple has always been a winner in massive scale, high profile ground breaking marketing campaigns, and that their core philosophy behind these marketing campaigns remain very much the same, even as the technologies inside of these products have taken quantum leaps, and the high-tech market today is far more evolved and competitive than 30 years". (Nguyen, 2011) Apple is well known for their sleek design and ease of use of their operating systems versus the android operating systems. The Android operating systems are open source and can be changed by each manufacturer to fit their specific specifications. With Apple, you know exactly what you are getting because it is consistent, and the use of the same icons across every device that they offer makes learning how to use them very easy....

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