If I Were a Millionaire

Topics: Cognition, Understanding, Marriage Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: March 17, 2009
All human beings will neutrally face a situation that required skills of parenting. That’s why all of us need to really understand the real concept of family management. This course is an important step in the process of understanding the view of parenting. Definitely, this knowledge is applicable in life and become a measure in daily practice as in actions toward becoming good parents.

The first concept of family management and parenting is a primary start for understanding of this course. This is because we must see the clear sight of family is all about. Absolutely, we are required to get the main idea of family structure. Besides, we must also understand each family member’s roles in order for us to efficiently fulfill our responsibilities. As a result, we will manage to know the importance of this concept. I personally believed we need to recognize this basic idea before going further toward the application of parenting to avoid misunderstanding in parenting theory.

For the concept of marriage from Islamic perspective, we are blessed because the information provided to us is very comprehensive and relevant in daily life. In other word, is comprises detail explanations of the objectives and benefits of parenting skills in Islamic marriage. Moreover, we are given the idea of criteria in choosing spouses that will guide toward better decision making. Besides that, we are also able to know the quality toward having successful marriage. In poster session making activities, I was able to get the general framework of marriage since explanations is given about the whole process is clear. The structure of family member’s roles is understandable provided relevant examples.

As in the topic of managing conflicts in marriage, we are provided with the information on idea on types of conflicts in marriage besides given solution to the problems. It is really important to know the implications of this negative force into the...
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