If You Were Given All the Money You Would Ever Need

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Paradigm shift, Light, Alternative energy, Energy development, Fossil fuel / Pages: 2 (428 words) / Published: Mar 30th, 2013
If you were given all the money you would ever need, and were free to do absolutely anything with your life, what would you choose to do and why?

If I was fortunate enough to have me financial needs guaranteed, I would concentrate on my short term goal of getting an education on in engineering and thus prepared, move on to my long term goal of becoming an entrepreneur in a twin field of software design and robotic. The great cities of North America are rusting out and we need new industry to create jobs and wealth that will fund our social program. I come from a family of entrepreneur and my father often tells me that a man can take advantage of an economic trend or he can help create one. I believe that most of the new paradigm shift during my lifetime will derive from the work of engineers.

Many people want to live forever but they can’t. The next best thing to living longer is living better. The invention of the electric light bulb not only improved human life but also extended our productive day and banished darkness. Soon something of equal importance to Edison’s light bulb and the Internet is going to shake the world. If I didn’t have to worry about living I could prepare myself for that paradigm shift and participate in the development of the products and services that are guaranteed to spring forth.

Alternative energy source are the greatest opportunity of the near future. I’m not thinking of solar, wind, tidal, so called Green energy. I am thinking of sources of free energy, such as extracting the hydrogen from water molecules and the storing of products, currently this exotic technology, which will employ Mars colonists, but one day it will be backyard technology in great cities like Vancouver and San Francisco. Clever minds are working on other forms of free energy but they must be careful because the ideas are threats to powerful proportions, which exploit fossil fuels.

What will free energy be used for 20 years from now? Communication,

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