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Some people think we should keep all the money we can earn and not pay tax to the state.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the recent years,the tax revenue is increasingly disturbing.Accordingly,some started to propose that people should keep all the money they can earn and refuse to pay for the tax revenue,while the others are against that.Personally,I am in favor of the latter view.

It is obviously reasonable for someone to argue that the tax revenue can be used by authorities to build some infrastructures from which citizens can get some benefits from.

Firstly,take the famous national project ‘West-East natural gas transmission’ as an example.Thanks to the tax revenue,the Chinese governments can collect enough money to invest in building long distance gas pipelines. As a result,the project satisfies the common Chinese people’s demands for natural gas eventually.Meanwhile,the project offers a large number of working opportunities to the people.

Moreover,it is widely accepted that the tax revenue can be used to pay for the expenditure expending of the society security and the healthcare.The central and the local government implement the tax revenue into some corresponding systems and then retirees can get certain pensions and receive reimbursements after they come back from hospitals.

Admittedly,due to the tax revenue,some needy families have to live under heavy pressure and some people worry about whether that these money can not be utilized effectively.In other words,on the other words(in other words 后面接一个句子) it may lead to leading to the government’s corruption.Even so,it is generally believed that authorities concerned should take some effective measures to get this kind of problem settled rather than canceling the tax revenue directly.Such as letting(In English, a complete sentence usually is put after “for instance” and a phrase often is located after “such as”.) the top earners pay proportionately more taxes.And people...
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