The Inequality Agenda and Sustainability of Health Care

Topics: Economics, Health care, Keynesian economics Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: March 21, 2014
Institution The Inequality Agenda and the Sustainability of Medicare
In 2007, Evans critically analysed the recent phenomena of healthcare financial sustainability in Canada; he explored its relationship with the gross domestic product and the public spending, Lingering debate on required reforms and maintenance of the currency value to the economic growth. The paper claims that Canada Medicare is economically unsuitable. He addresses the need of evolved political economy, reduced spending on medicine, physician services, and sustainability in the government fiscal reforms (Robert 23). The Impact of Corruption in Provision of Healthcare Services The data provided by the provincial and the federal finance department shows a higher tax charges and deteriorating public environment since 1981, questioning the genuineness in equally redistributing the burden and the benefits to all stakeholders. This thwarts the efforts to improved fiscal management policies since it is more expensive and less efficient. The political, medical, and other associated body’s pretence on medical guidelines, technological assessment with an intention to accelerate the cost. The continue variation in the national system on the expenditure since mid-1990s, also regressive impact to the society corporation (Robert 123). The efforts by the federal government to transfer funds to improve the healthcare services in various provinces is challenge since 1996 to 1997 when it was restructured ideologically to reducing their income tax, a major blow to the provincial budgets for sustainability but a move to the government side. The position of the government should provide appropriate fiscal policies for national accounts a contrary situation in the context. The documentary evidence showing the Canadian government margins not transparent on the financial performance risk the...

References: Robert, Goeth. Economic Myths and Political Realities.Los Angeles:Vanity Press, 2007.
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