Ideal Image of Beauty

Topics: Mass media, Advertising, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Ideal Image of Beauty
One of the problems women in society face is the pressure to be the ideal feminine beauty. It is a known fact that when women look into fashion magazines and watch television, there are always contents shown based on weight, beauty, and body care. Every woman has an agenda to keep herself looking in an appropriate manner, but there are women who take a life risk to achieve and impossible look that they are not naturally born with. This article is based on this subject, there are many studies made to find out what exactly have the influence over some women who want that ideal beauty look. It has been stated that cultural pressures have a large impact to the increasing rates of eating disorders. The mass media reflects society; however they do not necessarily represent all of society. Therefore they give off unrealistic beliefs on how a person should look. The authors who wrote this article make a theory based on how much of an influence the media has on women in society. There are also studies that show how the widespread use of small models in the media has a connection with the increase of eating disorders and diet programs.

Two national publishing companies collected a random series of articles that was published in women magazines, health reviews, and newspapers. The articles were based on eating disorders, body care, cosmetic surgery, and the lifestyles of fashion models. These articles were evaluated into two categories, one was used for general information and the other was detail information about the research topics. Each of the main topics were studied and analyzed. Half of the articles were based on the increasing number of eating disorders and the number of people who went into clinics to seek help. A small percentage of the cause was symptoms such as perfectionism, ambition, and work achievements. A large percentage was based on social culture and family factors. It was said that parents have a determining role in the...
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