Ict Assignment - Adv and Disadv of Comuters

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ICT encompasses all traditional computer technologies together with modern digital communications.

Uses include but are not limited to:
▪ Education - used by teachers as learning aids and for researching lessons plans. Its use is especially important in the area of Special needs. ▪ Business - includes data management, production (robotics), marketing, finance (ecommerce) and communications. ▪ Socially – used to network and stay in touch (Facebook, email). Home shopping and banking are very prevalent. ▪ Home - Homes now contain PCs, alarms, phones, eReaders (kindle), interactive TV and microprocessors in white goods like washing machines. ▪ Health - ICT is used extensively in medical diagnostics, treatment, records and communicating with public to mention a few.

Advantages include
▪ Data can be easily stored, accessed, edited, backed up, shared and processed quickly and efficiently. ▪ Documentation can be instantly sent worldwide.
▪ Time and money are saved as dangerous or labour intensive processes are automated. ▪ Shopping and banking possible 24/7. This is of immense benefit to the disabled or the time constrained. ▪ Voice recognition and touch-screen functionality help those with Special Needs. ▪ ICT in the class prepare children for the modern world and aids teachers planning/delivering focused activities. ▪ Researching topics of interest. Data can be quickly collected from multi-sources. ▪ Used to aid medical procedures/surgery and speed accurate diagnosis.

Disadvantages include
▪ Equipment can be sensitive and expensive.
▪ Health and safety concerns e.g. RSI.
▪ Contingency plans needed for network outages or viral attack. ▪ Shopping online can result in credit card or identity theft. ▪ Training may be required.
▪ Certain people feel intimated and marginalised by ICT advances. ▪ Diminished social contact resulting in social isolation and mental health...
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