Iceman Essay

Topics: Archaeology, Ötzi the Iceman, Prehistory Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Otzi is a mummy from the stone age, 5300 years ago, discovered by two German hikers named Erika and Helmut Simon in 1991 (1). “The Iceman” as he was nicknamed, is a mummy who was unfortunately murdered due to jealously most likely from his important role in the community. Archaeologist have an idea who Otzi is including his importance to the community, how he died and why because of artifacts found with his body. Belongings carried on a person often signified the importance of a person in the community. Archaeologist believe Otzi was important to the community because he was found with a copper bladed-axe. Copper artifacts were very rare back then and only certain important people had copper weapons. “Ötzi’s copper axe is an important clue about his social status. Copper axes and daggers were status symbols denoting membership of the warrior or leadership class, as attested to by human-like stone statues of the time. The Iceman and his family therefore had considerable status within their community and may well have been cattle owners, chiefs or village representatives.” (1) This quote explains how important the copper axe is as a clue to who Otzi was 5300 years ago. Another artifact suggest that Ozti was a hunter since he carried a long bow and arrows that appeared to be made by him, as they have unfinished carvings on it, including incomplete arrows, with only two done. This lead to the fact Otzi was making his weapons as he traveled to hunt. Another important tool of his was his dagger, made of flint, it which would have carved his tools and prepared the animals he hunted, though the dagger was too small to use for hunting or as a way to defend himself. Just the tools and weapons were important research for the archaeologist but the most important artifact hound was Otzi himself. Otzi is very important for archeologist because he is the key artifact to answer questions of the stone age. When Otzi was found, he had his weapons and clothes with him,...
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