In Cold Blood Essay

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Prison Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Melissa Yates Period 4

Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Smith were found guilty of murder in the first degree and their punishment is death. "Can there be a single doubt in your minds regarding the guilt in your defendants? No! Regardless of who pulled the trigger on Richard Eugene Hickock's shotgun, both men are equally guilty... penalty-death." (303) Dr. Jones is a physician specializing in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Jones said he made an evaluation of Hickock. He said even though Hickock had a head injury in 1950, he still knew right from wrong at the crime scene and he is above average in intelligence. However, when Dr. Jones evaluated Perry Smith, he said Perry's ability to separate the real situation from his own mental projections is very poor. "He has poor ability to organize his thinking, he seems unable to scan or us summarize his thought, becoming involved and sometimes lost in detail, and some of his thinking reflects a 'magical' quality, a disregard of reality.." (297) Judge Tate gave them the death penalty because he thinks it is the only way that Dick and Perry will never roam the town and cities of the land again. Jude Tate does not want Dick or Perry killing anybody else again. Judge Tate also has to think about the possibilities of Dick and Perry escaping from prison. To prevent all of that happening, the judge gave them the death penalty. When Judge Tate gave them the death penalty lawyers, friends, families, and witnesses started to bring up bible verses on how it was wrong to give capital punishment. Or how it was good to give capital punishment because the bible said "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed. " (304) In conclusion, Judge Tate thought about the safety of the country and gave Hickock and Smith the death penalty. Hickock and Smith were hung just after midnight on April...
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