Hymn to Labor

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Assessment process of setting a value on real or personal property, usually for the purpose of taxation. It is carried out either by central government agencies or by local officials. Property may be assessed on the basis of its annual rental value, as in Britain, or its capital value, as in the U.S. Various methods are used to determine capital value, including analysis of market data to estimate the property's current market price, estimation of the cost of reproducing the property minus accrued depreciation, and capitalization of the property's earnings. Because educators have used the word “assessment” in a variety of ways, it’s important to understand its specific definition in education today. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), has identified five fundamental questions for institutions to use in discussing and defining assessment: 1. How are your stated student learning outcomes appropriate to your mission, programs, and degrees? 2. What evidence do you have that students achieve your stated learning outcomes? 3. In what ways do you analyze and use evidence of student learning? 4. How do you ensure shared responsibility for assessment of student learning? 5. How do you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your efforts to assess and improve student learning? The HLC’s complete statement on assessment can be found at: www.ncahlc.org/download/AssessStuLrngApril.pdf Using these questions as a guide, OCC has developed its own definition of assessment, which is broadly published in various college documents including the College Catalog (p. 43), Student Handbook, Schedule of Classes, and the assessment website: Assessment is an on-going process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. It involves making our expectations clear to students and setting appropriate outcomes for learning. It helps determine how well student performance matches those outcomes. It uses the resulting information to improve student learning. The...
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