Program Summary Hsm 270

Topics: Better, Evaluation, Program Pages: 5 (1773 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Samantha Smith
HSM 270
Final- Program Summary
Instructor: Michelle Bishop
Due Date: 3/13/2011

The process of a program’s development is to acknowledge what exactly the program is, and what mission they set forth to achieve. Regarding the Far West Elementary School’s organization mission where they work as a team filled with parents, and staff who are dedicated to creating a caring, exciting environment that promotes responsibility, self esteem, and academic achievement where differences are valued and learning is a lifelong goal. Although the mission promotes responsibility the school lacks in English proficiency. This program curriculum is undeveloped because the staff is lacking the qualifications; they are teaching the children using non certified or non licensed skills. The material needs to be upgraded via the English curricula. In order for the limited English proficiency (LEP) skills to grow the qualifications of the staff must be qualified. Within this program it will provide thoroughness, communication, and financial management. These elements are needed because it will build the morale of the program, the current staff and students skills, and the community of the low cost area of Far West Elementary School. Assessments:

Assessments will be to analyze the programs purpose and its empowerment. According to, Gutierrez (1994) defines empowerment as the “process of increasing personal, interpersonal, or political power so that individuals, families, and communities can take action to improve their situations”. I chose this quote because I felt it works well with the school and how one can increase their skills when it comes to defining the process and determining the goal. The assessments determine if the faculty member is qualified to teach in a professional manner? The assessments will be constructed by licensed bilingual counselors who document the knowledge, skills, and beliefs of the staff; it will focus on the case studies, the learning styles, and experimental work (Wikipedia, 2009) of students as well. Once the staff members are increasing their English proficiency skills the students will then become more advanced. This will serve as the process used for the staff being a positive outcome. The process will prove that the development of the plan was evaluated; it will identify the measure used to develop the plan, which were the workshop sessions. The data collected will be the presented through the students and their English skills increasing. The reporting and results will follow by the many programs that will be offered, by the families of the students skills improving, and the preparation of enrolling new students and staff within the school. The thoroughness the program will reflect will show how eager it is increasing the English skill in the community. It will drain all energy taken with the counselors using with their senior skills, in making sure all aspects of the program’s session are passed. This will include the performance of the community, the faculty, and the productiveness of the students. The measures the program assessments will take will be resourceful in present and future lives of the students. They will be constructed to abide by the mission of the school. Needs and Problem Statement:

The programs needs and problem assessments would be to evaluate the staff and improve their proficiently in teaching the English language. Specific needs of the program to be focused on are alternative certification program, special support for teachers, and improving the skills for higher education. The influences and expectations play in a role in administrator’s role of the agency because the significance of it is to connect with their staff and oversea that duties of the agency are being done. According, to Far West Elementary School administrators their needs are to make sure that the (LEP) skills are increased by making sure the staff are taking advantage...

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