Hybrid Model of Crisis

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Hybrid Model of Crisis
Monique Reed, Veretta Smith, Crystal Castro, and Quincee Burks BSHS/445
April 3, 2015
Alysha Mccuistion

Hybrid Model of Crisis
A crisis is said to be difficult to cope with, and it comes from a past or present event an individual may be dealing with. This can cause the individual to lose focus on life, depression, and intolerable difficulty wanting to do anything. An individual will have difficulty completing present and future goals if they do not have the right resources and support to assist them with moving on. This paper will demonstrate how Human services professionals use Hybrid model of crisis intervention to help lead their client in the right positive direction. Human service professionals should explain, lead, and direct the client. This will help to bring the clients defense down which will allow them to trust as well as explaining to the client what is going on. In this paper it will provide details about Hybrid Model, how it is illustrated, and what listening skills where applied by the counselor. Description of Hybrid Model

The hybrid model of crisis intervention is implemented using a series of tasks that work together in deescalating a crisis situation. The first task of this particular model is to appeal to the client in a way that would promote their cooperation in preventing their situation from going from bad to worse and includes three courses of action, predisposition, engage, initiate contact in which the client should be informed of what the workers intentions are. Problem exploration is the second task in which the worker defines the crisis. When attempting to define the crisis, workers may find it difficult to see the problem in the same way as the client does, however this should not lead them to search too far in to the clients history for the answers but rather the occurrence’s that led to the crisis. Most people who are experiencing a crisis feel alone and as if nobody cares and it is the job of the interventionist to change the client’s perception to that of them being the one person who does care which falls under task number three providing support, and can occur in three ways which are social, psychological and logistical. However there are times when informational support is needed. Crisis interventionists are warned to take caution when attempting to deescalate tensed situations and is why safety is the default task. Task number four is examining alternatives. Often times as far as the client is concerned there is no other way to handle the situation and they need to be provided with only a few realistic opportunities that could help them see things differently. Much like task number four planning in order to reestablish control is task number five in which the worker explores possibilities with the client such as family, friends as well as human service professionals they have been in contact with who can be used to turn the situation around. Task six obtaining commitment serves as a confirmation to both the worker and client as to each other’s responsibilities in the matter. Following up is vital to those who have experienced a crisis and have no or very limited social support and keeps the worker informed of their progress and is usually done in hours or days (James, R, Gilliland, B, 2013). How hybrid model of crisis intervention is illustrate

Predisposition: This is the first facet of the hybrid model in the video the counselors initiate contact by welcoming Geri into the office and letting her feel in control by letting her vent her frustrations while explaining why she is there. The counselor further helps Geri to see the interventionist as an alley by rephrasing her statements about why the school felt the need to call DCFS and Geri feeling that her daughter is fine. Problem Exploration: Second interventionists listen to Geri and ask questions that did not go too far in to Geri’s history to get all the details to...
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