The Case of Sally and Mike

Topics: Grief, Kübler-Ross model, Denial Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Sally and MikeRunning Head: UNIT 7 ASSIGNMENT

Unit 7 Assignment: Prevention and Crisis Intervention

Judith McLeish

Kaplan University


Professor: Richard Young

July 21, 2013

Excessive stress and tension are usually factors resulting from many or major changes in an individual’s life, and as often the basis for a crisis situation. Family members do not operate in a shell, one person’s crisis can be the basis for or becomes the family’s crisis. There are many major sources of crisis that a family can experience including the death of a child which will be the focus of this essay. Most of the crisis a family or individual experiences have a primary victim and also have an impact on those who are connected to the primary victim. The secondary victims are usually those connected to the primary victim who is in this case is the spouse of Sally. In today’s society we are always face with different stressors and crisis that we must deal with even though we might feel unable to cope. When faced with crisis if adequate intervention is provided during this state the possibility exist that the affected individual will not function at a level that is considered appropriate or to able to function at the pre crisis state. These events in one’s life can be additional stressors that must be faced and dealt with. According to Kenel, 2007 this pattern can go for years and leaves the individual exhausted and looses the capacity to deal in a rational manner. Such behavior could result in self-destructive behavior such as committing suicide, murder, or even a psychotic breakdown. As a counselor, to effectively assist the client, the counselor must make use of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. This model provides a useful outline and a guide about crisis and how to deal with them when they occur. Kenel, 2007 states that there are three aspects of crisis which are (1) A precipitating event occur, (2) the perception of the event...

References: Kanel, K. (2007). A guide to crisis intervention.  3rd ed Thompson-Brooks/Cole.
Kessler D & Kubler-Ross, E (nd) The five stages of Grief Because love never dies – Retrieved on July 20, 2013 from:
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