Hunter Gatherers

Topics: Agriculture, World population, Population, Green Revolution, Life expectancy, Food security / Pages: 3 (877 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2014
As I was reading this article, I was thinking how did they keep up with everyday living, how tough was life like for them and when they had the chance or opportunity to change from hunter gathering to agriculture how hard was it to let go of certain things and how easy was it to adapt to the new lifestyle. The archeologist and anthropologist examined the hunter gathering era to be more preferred over agriculture due to the fact that different season put a limit to giving, they were only able to plant certain things during the season, and after several uses, they had to leave the soil for two years in order it to fertilize. Furthermore, agriculture also put a limit to child bearing, which resulted in less helper.
The hunter gathers were always on the move, traveling from place to place based on where resources were and what kind of resources needed at the moment, Their lives were fast paced compared to the agriculturists, and in some instances as far as food was concerned, they had more protein in the diet than agriculturist, they had a better chance of keeping fit and they were more mobile. Agriculturists were more relaxed; they had a staff working for them. There was more leisure time to spend with family and certain times during the year they couldn't do anything due the season.
Boserup, concluded that as agriculturist, the Kung san had a life expectancy of about thirty years, an intake 2100 calories a day which in was supplements from proteins, nutrients and vitamins.Their length of life were balanced between infants and older adults, some of whom died in their sixties and seventies There was also an argument concerning the "carrying capacity "the kung san was comfortable with their resources regenerating themselves. Even though they were not able to accomplish certain task or duties they usually performed as hunter gatherers, they enjoyed some benefits of agriculture, they confided in the fact that food wasn't an issue and technology grew, which gave new

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