Human Rights and Current State

Topics: Human rights, Human, Morality Pages: 1 (440 words) Published: July 20, 2013
 What is your personal stance on the current state of victims’ rights in America? Personally I think that the current state of victims’ rights in America are very fair because there are many laws being passed that are protecting them and allowing a greater punishment for the ones that are initiating the issue/issues. Also there is more being Provided for any loss that may have occurred during an attack The promotion of victims’ rights has been exercised to allow the confidentiality of their personal information such as telephone numbers and address. Everyone should have right regardless of what it is that they have done or even what they know.  Do you believe that the 2004 Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CRVA) has been successful? Explain. I think now after the situation with the families of the ones who were denied their rights granted by the act things are actually beginning. Crime victims are now able to testify against the one that committed the crime opposed to years ago before the Crime Victims’ Rights Act where it was not allowed for the victims to even show their faces in court.  Is there ever a circumstance in which you feel vengeance is appropriate, even when it means breaking a law? Explain your response. I think that there should not be anytime that a person should feel the need to display vengeance and it is not ever appropriate, well I guess if the person feels that the situation was indeed serious enough for them to have to handle of their own then there may be an exception. It is hard to say that it is not right for a person to want to seek vengeance on another person for killing or harming a loved one. Who are we to say that we can in fact do this and get away with it? I think that I would have to be put in that kind of situation to actually be able to tell if I would display that kind of anger or aggression.  Do you agree with the actions of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)? Why or why not? Yes I agree with the actions of...
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